“When we are not using our time to get money, we are using our time to spend money.  Compared to Europeans, Americans spend three to four time as many hours per year shopping.  Shopping has become a primary use of leisure time.  With our few remaining free hours we scurry about in monstrous malls* where we spend our money on goods and services we secretly hope will bring us peace, nourishment, or relief.”   -Wayne Muller, Sabbath, p. 99

*or online

When was the last time that spending money brought you peace, nourishment, or relief?  I used to be a shopper; if I let my instincts rule me, I still am a shopper.  There is a certain high that one gets from spending money on fun things.

But after a few years of accumulating things that don’t count and debt, shoppers remorse sets in.  I’ve asked myself many times, “What the hell was I thinking when I bought this?”, especially when I decluttered my house last summer.  All that stuff I bought that didn’t get used like I thought it would.  I could have spent my money on better things.  Or if I’d not accumulated so much debt, I could now be working only part time, or not at all if I wanted, doing more volunteering or spending more time with my family.

We may think that time equals money, because that’s what the world tells us.  But time is so much more precious than money.  Let’s not waste it on things that don’t matter.


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