Decluttering: the first three weeks

As promised in the last post, here are some pictures from my decluttering spree.

I am a messy person, and while I’m trying to change that, old habits die hard.  I guess the fortunate thing is that it makes for a spectacular before and after picture.

The first thing I did was the entrance to our house:

It took me several hours, but this is the end result, and I’m happy to tell you that it has stayed looking like this since it was done:

Quite the change, huh?  The Dell laptop that was formerly in the corner is dead, so it got taken to our electronics recycler here in town.  All the paper got put out for recycling (and there was a lot of it, as you can tell), papers that needed to get shredded were shredded, and the rest was either given away or tossed.  Happily, there was very little that just got thrown away.

After that, I moved on to the china cabinet and entertainment center.  Our entertainment center came with the house, and it was just huge.  While it had some nice storage space, it took up a lot of room in our already small living room.  Jeff wanted to get rid of it, which was just fine with me.  Here is the entertainment center before:

And the china cabinet before.  Actually, it’s the contents of the bottom of the china cabinet spread all over the floor as I declutter:

Sadly, I forgot to get an after picture of each, but the china cabinet got donated to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore on June 25th, so that is out of the house and the room looks much better – and bigger!

Two weekends ago, I moved on to the bathroom.  I didn’t take a before picture because it just plain made me sad.  We have a small bathroom that has a lot of storage – if you want to store things in the cabinets above the shower, which isn’t practical for everyday living.  But the only good storage is in our medicine cabinet or the drawer and cabinet in the vanity.  In other words, not a lot of storage at all.  And because of the clutter, there were a lot of things being stored on the counter top, which just made the whole bathroom look really messy, even just after being cleaned.  So it all got decluttered, and most of that was given away to our local women’s shelter.

Medicine cabinet after:                                                    Drawer after:



Vanity cabinet after:

And here’s what went to the shelter:


So with all of that done, the living room is completely decluttered, and the bathroom is almost done (I just need to get to the cabinets above the shower).

I hope this will inspire you!



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3 responses to “Decluttering: the first three weeks

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  • The Birding Bunch

    I’ve been enjoying your blog. It seems like I continually need to declutter. Besides maintaining what we’ve got, we have a couple rules. No more new toys unless they get rid of five others. Not sure how to handle grandma gifts yet. Also when I am tempted to look at knick knacks I ask myself if it is cute enough to have to dust. Once I got rid of a ton of knick knacks it is so much easier to dust the shelves.

    We’ve been slowly working on the attic. Would you believe the children decided among themselves to get rid of the big bin of Thomas trains that’s been up there for years?

    • faithenvironmentcollide

      Thank you for reading, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. 😀

      I have a feeling that decluttering is a continual thing, so don’t feel bad about it being that way. It’s GREAT that your kids want to help too.

      And I think 75% of it is mental. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that we don’t need so much stuff. Also, asking if you really want to dust it is a good indicator of how badly you want something.

      Thanks again!

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