Pray for Haiti

If you haven’t been following any weather reports right now, you might not know that there is another Tropical Storm brewing in the Carribbean.

TS Tomas is predicted to move over the eastern part of Cuba, Haiti, and western Dominican Republic by Thursday:


Between August 18 and September 12, 2008, Haiti was hit by Tropical Storm Fay, and then came Hurricane Gustav, Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike.  In January 2010, Haiti suffered through an earthquake left left millions of people homeless.

And now this.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and the Global North.  Her people are still recovering from the previous tropical storms and hurricanes and the earthquake.  They are now fighting illness, as most people have been cramped together in camps since they lost their homes (close quarters contribute to poor hygiene and disease).  And now they are anticipating another tropical storm.

Please pray that God will move the path of this storm back into open water, or that He’ll allow it to fizzle out completely.  Please pray that this storm will not hit Cuba and Hispaniola, but especially not Haiti.  And finally, please pray for the people there who are still homeless, sick, and poor.  Haiti’s people are truly the least of these, and God has called us to help them.  And if you are able, don’t just pray for them; please send money to relief organizations who will get money, food, and services to Haiti to help her people.


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