Hostage situation at The Discovery Channel

Through some of my friends at a forum I frequent, I was made aware of a hostage situation at The Discovery Channel that is happening right now (about 2 pm CST on September 1, 2010).  A radical environmentalist apparently entered the building with a gun and a possible explosive device.  If you’re interested in keeping up with what’s happening, here’s the story at BBC.

TMZ also has the story, and says that one of James Jay Lee’s problems is that Discovery/TLC is encouraging the birth of more parasitic infants.

I’ll write more on this later, but right now, I want to let you know that however much this man sounds like a deep ecologist, he’s not.  Deep ecologists treasure ALL life, even that of human life.  And most environmentalists are not violent.

More later.


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One response to “Hostage situation at The Discovery Channel

  • Clara

    He was a man who had lost all hope, faith and belief that there was the possibility of any change or reversal. He cracked and came to the absolute belief that humans are parasites because of the damage done to our Earth. We as humans are responsible for most of all the problems our Earth faces and we are equally responsible to do everything needed to fix it. He didn’t think we were up to it. The question is was he right, are we really up to the changes needed to make a REAL change? He may have been over the edge but the question remains.

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