It’s easy being eco

April’s Vegetarian Times has a short little article with four tips taken from Wake Up and Smell the planet: The Non-Pompous, Non-Preachy Grist Guide to Greening Your Day. Here they are:

1. If your car is idling for longer than a minute, turn off the car and restart. Over nine minutes, an idling car emits double the pollutants of a car that’s turned off and restarted.

2. Shop online. Shipping a 10 pound package by overnight air – the most energy intensive delivery mode – uses 40% less fuel than the average round trip drive to the mall. (and this just made buying my LUSH stuff a lot easier, heh heh heh…)

3. Wash in cold water. Up to 90% of the energy used by washers goes towards heating.

4. Attach aerators to all your faucets. Aerators can cut gpm water usage by up to 40%.



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