I came across Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program several weeks ago and thought it was time I finally said something about it here.

I hate throwing old clothes and shoes away. I always have. Part of me thinks that I should give away my old clothes and worn shoes, because someone could use them and would appreciate them. If something’s not so horribly worn, that could be true, and giving your stuff to someone in need is a great idea. However – I’m the type of person who uses something until the life is gone. I wear clothes until they have holes in places, and then I might still try to wear them if I think I can get away with it. But what do you do with a pair of old shoes that you really shouldn’t wear anymore? That’s why I still have all my old walking shoes sitting under a bed waiting for something to happen to them.

With this program, you can drop your old athletic shoes off (or mail them in) at a collection location, and they get recycled into children’s playgrounds, basketball courts or tennis courts.

The downside: there aren’t very many drop off locations in the US and they aren’t in every state. But as I said, you can mail your old shoes in (any brand of tennis shoes without metal), or if you’re going somewhere that has a drop off, you can take them then.


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