Product Review – Personal Care

I’ll admit, I’m a little gun shy about trying brands other than LUSH when it comes to natural bath, body, and hair care. I’ve tried different brands over the past two or three years and have been more disappointed than not. The list below is in no way complete; there are things that I cared for so little that they were taken back and forgotten about promptly.

The difference between natural and commercial personal care brands is in the ingredients. Commercial brands use a lot of chemicals to get the job done and might have some herbal solutions, plants, or plant/nut butters in them to appeal to the masses demand for a natural product. Natural products, on the other hand, are chock full of plants, plant/nut butter, herbs, spices, fruits, natural oils and aqueous solutions to get the job done without resorting to the use of a lot of synthetics or chemicals. And many of these products are certified organic to boot, because the ingredients used are organic (many to California’s organic standards, which are pretty strict).

For many people, these natural products work really well and they’d never go back to commercial products. I’d encourage you to try some of these brands on your own – just make sure the store you get it from has a good return/exchange policy, just in case. Better yet, find trial sizes: if you hate it, it will be gone before you know it.

Alba Botanica’s Gardenia Hydrating Hair Conditioner smells like Heaven in a bottle. So far, this is one of the best natural conditioners I’ve used, though I had to use a little more conditioner than I’d like for each application. I went through two bottles pretty quickly (and these are 12 oz bottles), but it detangled my hair fairly well and I kept getting a wiff of gardenias all day long (and this smells like the real thing, because it’s made the gardenia extract).

I hated Avalon Organics’ Lemon Clarifying Conditioner. It smelled great, but it took a huge amount of conditioner to even get my fingers through my wet hair.

I don’t really remember much about Avalon Organics’ Lemon Clarifying Shampoo. It didn’t seem all that clarifying to me, but like the conditioner, it smelled nice.

Nature’s Gate Lemongrass and Clary Sage Volumizing Shampoo is what I use right now, and I’m on my third bottle. I know it has lemongrass and clary sage extracts in it, but honestly, I think it smells like pears. This is a good, basic shampoo: it says it’s volumizing, but it doesn’t have any real volumizing ingredients in it, and it leaves my hair just feeling clean. That reminds me, I need to go get another bottle, ha.

Jeff bought Nature’s Gate Tea Tree and Blue Cypress Shampoo and I tried it a couple of times. It’s got tea tree oil in it, so the smell is kind of strong, but I’ve smelled stronger tea tree products. Left my hair clean.

Trying to find the product I’m looking for at the Giovanni Cosmetics site has been a royal pain. The good news is, I can’t remember what I tried (it was a conditioner), but I liked it.

I am really bad about wearing moisturizer and sunscreen, but my face has been drier than normal from the cold weather. And I’m 33, so it’s time I started thinking about these things, ya’ know? I’m currently using Kiss My Face Cell Mate 15 moisturizer with SPF 15. So far, I really like it. And it was on sale! Smells sort of like lemongrass and herbs, and it hasn’t broken my face out any. It’s a smallish tube (only 1 ounce) but a little of this goes a long way. this is my first time to use Kiss My Face products, and I’m happy with it.


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