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I was going to do just one post for all the environmentally friendly beauty products I’ve tried, but then I got listing the pages just for all the LUSH products I’ve tried/used over the past two years and decided LUSH probably needed its own post. Ha. I don’t know if it’s good I’ve used so many earth friendly beauty products or bad that I’ve spent this much money just on LUSH stuff. There were sales, I promise, and some of these were just samples, so they were free.

Before I start the actual review, I also want to say something about reviews and truth in advertising. As a consumer, you are hit with ads every day, and sometimes you might not really know what a product is like if you’ve never used it or a similar product. It can be frustrating trying to find something new if you can’t test it first. You can test drive a car or try on clothes before you buy, so why can’t you try out beauty products? In some cases you can, fortunately, and if you’re trying something as simple as a hand lotion or soap, you’ll usually know the first time you try it whether or not it will work.

But there are some products which you either need to use more than once to make a decision or you need to use over a longer period of time to see results. That’s just the nature of your personal preferences or the product itself. This is where reviews and truth in advertising come in. Consider this: there isn’t a lot of truth in advertising beyond the hard facts. Lotion isn’t going to make you feel better about yourself, make you more attractive to the opposite sex, or help you live longer (unless it’s sunscreen!). Lotion moisturizes your skin. If it has an age-defying ingredient in it (AHA, BHA, retinol), it will help smooth fine lines over the course of time, but it’s not going to help deep wrinkles much. Product reviews can help you make a buying (or trying) decision, but reviews are simply based on person preference, and what I like or dislike might make you gag or jump for joy. Keep that in mind even for the reviews below.

I mention scent a lot. Scent makes or breaks a product for me. I might really like how something works, but if I even dislike the scent in the slightest, I won’t use it. I also like lots of bubbles. It might not be the best way to determine if something is getting me clean, but it entertains me.

Shower Gels:
I’ve at least smelled all of LUSH’s shower gels or jellies. Most have the same ingredients and they get you clean.

Happy Hippy Shower Gel smells like grapefruit and something else. I think it’s the patchouli, which isn’t at all overwhelming. This is a fresh fragrance and it makes a lot of suds with less product.

I’d never used a shower jelly before I got a sample of Big Calm Shower Jelly. These are sort of a cross between a soap and shower gel, and they definitely have the fun factor going for them (“see it wiggle, watch it jiggle…”). My little sample lasted two showers (I used a mesh scrubby) and made lots of bubbles. Big Calm smelled like pineapple to me, though it wasn’t overly sweet.

It will help you to know that I have fine hair and a lot of it. My scalp is normal, but gets washed every day because it gets a little oily and sweaty overnight. I’ve got virgin hair that tends to be a bit dry at the ends because it falls about five or six inches past my shoulders. I despise anything more than a basic shampoo and usually buy a moisturizing conditioner that will detangle well.

I’ve bought two bottles of Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo. While it’s not my favorite, I like it a lot. The info says this is supposed to be moisturizing, but I don’t find it to be so. I can use this on my hair every day without any kind of buildup or my hair getting weighed down. to me, this is a good, basic shampoo. And yes, it smells like Guinness. If you don’t like the smell of beer, don’t buy this. Bonus points if you can tell me where the name came from!

I’ve tried a sample of Big. This is at least worth a try. It smells great and a little bit goes a really long way. If you’re used to liquid shampoos, this might freak you out a bit; it closely resembles a salt scrub. Never fear – it cleans well, smells nice (mm, sort of lemony?), and left my hair pretty soft.

I don’t remember why I bought Daddy-o, except that I wanted to try a new shampoo and this is purple. The picture doesn’t do it justice: it’s purple and produces lavender foam. But it cleans well (this is another good everyday shampoo) and a little goes a long way. The scent is pretty strong though: if you like the smell of violets in cosmetics, you’ll probably love this. It’s a spicy floral.

A sample of Rehab lasted me two shampoos. I liked it, but wasn’t overly impressed. Cleaned well. Smelled Ok. But if I’m going to spend the money, I’d rather spend it on Cynthia Sylvia Stout or…

I Love Juicy! This is by far my favorite LUSH product and probably my favorite shampoo right now, period. It’s like washing your hair in a fruit smoothie – it oughtta, with as much fruit juice and puree it contains. When I say something lathers well and that you don’t have to use much, I mean it. But I Love Juicy goes so far above and beyond that I’ve made it a personal challenge to see how little I can actually use and get a head full of bubbles. So far, the record is a dollop about the size of a penny. This is a bang for your buck product! It works best for people with oily scalps or who use a lot of product, so if you’re neither (like me), then it’s best to use it only a few times a week (I use it as a weekly clarifying shampoo) or it might become too drying.

These next shampoos are solid shampoos. They last forever, because it doesn’t take much to get squeaky clean, and they’re all a bit drying.

Karma Komba smells like lime and has a hint of patchouli in it. It’s fresh and is meant for normal to oily hair. While other reviewers mentioned they didn’t have to use much conditioner, I do with this and the other solid shampoos.

New! smells like cinnamon and cloves, and if I remember correctly, it made my scalp tingle (ok, borderline burn) a bit when I used it.

Trichomania is one of LUSH’s best sellers, but I’m not sure why. It’s not really moisturizing (like it says it’s supposed to be), and the coconut smell has a slight burned, almost chemical, edge to it. It works OK, but I’m not impressed.


Let me get this out of the way right now: the reviews for these conditioners are usually great, but I’ve hated every single one I’ve tried. They don’t contain silicones, which gives the slip needed to really detangle.

I tried American Cream based on the reviews, and I tried to give it a fair shot, but I wouldn’t repurchase this. The smell’s OK, sort of like a strawberry-vanilla fruit smoothie, but it took enormous amounts of conditioner to get a comb through my hair, and this is supposed to be a concentrated product.

I hated Coolaulin. It has that burnt coconut smell like trichomania and didn’t moisturize or detangle my hair. It went back.

I’m glad I only got a sample of Jungle. Smells nice (sort of green and fresh) but didn’t do crap for my hair. I had to use another conditioner with it. Not a happy hair moment.

Conditioning Treatments:

H’Suan Wen Hua is one of LUSH’s three conditioning treatments for hair. They go on dry hair before you shampoo and are left on hair for twenty to thirty minutes. I haven’t decided how I feel about treatments like this yet. On the one hand, if you have hair that is chemically processed and/or dry, these are great because they put some much needed moisture back into the hair, more than what even a heavy duty conditioner can do. On the other hand, if you’ve got hair like mine, I’m not sure they’re really necessary. But it’s a lot of fun to use them anyway, and my hair was a bit softer and bouncier after using this. H’Suan Wen Hua smells great – it’s another product with cinnamon oil and cloves in it, and my hair smelled lightly of cinnamon for about three days after using this. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those products where you get your money’s worth unless you’ve got short hair; I’ll only get two applications out of this huge tub of product.

Skin Care:

When I was younger, my skin used to be much oilier than it is now, but I’m still able to use most products made for normal to oily skin.

I tried a sample of Fresh Farmacy several months ago. It got my face clean, but I’m not big on using bar soaps on my face because it always feels like there’s a film left behind. Not much of a smell to this one, but it lathers well and would probably last a while.

I don’t understand Aquamarina, but then again, I didn’t like the smell, and I don’t have dry, sensitive, or over-challenged skin (whatever the heck that is). My sample got tossed, I think.

I wanted to like Herbalism so badly. The sample I got was very generous, but I seemed to have to use a lot of it to get my face clean, and then it still felt a bit oily. But it smells great. To be honest, I’m not sure if this is supposed to lather up or not. I don’t think it is.

I got a sample of Ocean Salt at a store this past summer. Like Big, this has the consistency of a salt rub, but it seemed to do a great job of cleaning and exfoliating my face. It smells like lemon and doesn’t foam. Because of the amount of oil in Ocean Salt, I wasn’t sure how it would work, but it did it’s job well.


I was excited to try the sample of Powdry Deodorant and the first day I tried it, I was impressed with how it worked. So on day two, I dusted this stuff on. Uh oh. So halfway through the day, I was putting on my regular anti-perspirant. But it smells nice, so if you’re the type who doesn’t really sweat all that much, this would probably work for you.

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder. If you use baby powder of something else after your showers each day, you’d probably like this dusting powder. I liked it, and I don’t use baby powder or anything similar. As the name indicates, it’s very silky and doesn’t feel at all grainy. The smell is light but very nice.

Whew! Long post!

LUSH is what those of us who are bath and body junkies call high end. Not as high end as say Chanel, but we’re not talking about Noxema or Bath and Body Works here. What i like about LUSH, and what got them included in this review, is their commitment to being environmentally friendly. Their products are made with plant products, and many of their products are vegan. They have minimal packaging – no extra boxes and as little plastic as possible. They are also cruelty free and good to their employees.


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