Product Review – Cleaning Supplies

Back in October, I wrote this post about starting to use eco-friendly products. After using some things for a few months, I thought I’d give a review – might help someone out there make the decision to switch to something better for the earth.

The first thing I mentioned was Seventh Generation Toilet Paper. We’ve also tried Whole Foods 365 TP. What can I say? Its toilet paper. At the risk of sounding crass, there are only a few things toilet paper is meant to do, and I sure as heck wasn’t gonna TP the pastor’s house with it :::waves to Glen:::, not at the prices I’ve paid. No, it’s not outrageously expensive, I promise – but it does cost more than Charmin. Does it work? Yes, it does the job it was meant to do.

Dishwasher detergent. I hate doing dishes by hand, hate it. Ranks right up there with ironing and active labor. I know, I know, if I were really an eco-friendly kind of gal, I’d wash dishes by hand. Or get Ellen to do it. Instead, I run the dishwasher, but I always make sure it’s full. We tried Biokleen automatic dishwashing powder first. It seemed to do a good job – my only beef was that it left a white film on the bottoms of my glasses. I may have used too much powder; after all, this stuff is concentrated (I used 1 tbsp of powder in each tray). All in all, it did a good job, and if you’re sensitive to fragrances, this doesn’t have much a scent at all. I’d repurchase it.

Next, I tried Seventh Generation Lemon Automatic Dishwasher gel. As the product write-up says, this is gently scented; there’s no chemical-y lemon scent, and it’s very nice. This works well too – no white film on the bottoms of my glasses, and I haven’t noticed any spotting on my dishes or silverware. We’re on the second bottle of this stuff.

We still have our original bottle of Seventh Generation Free and Clear Dish soap (Like I said, I don’t do dishes by hand, so this gets used for the individual pot or pan, or if Jeff decides he wants to to dishes by hand). Now I’ll be honest – this doesn’t suds up as well, because it’s made with coconut and plant derived ingredients, but it gets the job done. It’s also phosphate free, which helps retain the pH levels of bodies of water. I’m not sure I like the smell. “What smell?” you ask? Well, I’ve got a prety sensitive nose, and things that are scent free always have some sort of scent to me. It’s not bad, it’s just not as good as lemon. I’m buying the lemongrass and clementine scent next time.

I’ve been using Ecover’s Fabric Softener for a a few months as well. I like the scent. My clothes are soft. But now that the air is really cold and really dry, it can’t get rid of the static. That’s my only gripe. Otherwise, it’s a lovely product. I’m on my third bottle. I’d like to try another brand next just to see what’s out there.

And I’ve finally switched laundry detergents too. Jeff usually just buys the big container of All Free and Clear from Sam’s, but Sam’s was closed yesterday and I needed detergent. So we headed to the grocery store. Lo and behold, the regular soap companies are finally starting to get in on the eco-friendly act. Purex now has a Natural Elements line, and I bought the Ultra Concentrate laundry detergent in apple and melon. The scent is alright – it’s fruity (duh), but the scent is still pretty strong. It’s not as strong as some other scents, but I’m used to using unscented detergent. But it seems to work well, and it’s made of coconut and palm based cleaners – and it suds really well ( I entertain myself by watching the water make bubbles in the washing machine when I’m doing a load of laundry). I’ll probably try a Seventh Generation or Ecover detergent next, but it’s nice to know I can get this from a regular line now if I need it in a pinch.

Well, there you have it, folks, the cleaning product review. I’ll cover beauty products sometime in the next few days.


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