Welcome Back!

Ok, maybe not to you, because maybe you’ve been checking this blog regularly, but welcome back to me, at any rate. I’ve been blogging for my INO journal for school, but that’s been about it since the last time I posted.

I’ve thought about this blog a lot though. I’ve come across many things I could’ve posted about, but instead I’ve been using this time to think about why all of this environmental stuff is important to me. And even more important than that, I’ve just been focused on doing some things, making some changes, and trying to decide where all of this is leading me.

We’ve made some change around here, slowly but surely. I decided a few weeks ago that as we run out of cleaning products, we would replace them with environmentally friendly cleaning products. First thing – toilet paper. (“We’ve secretly replaced her Charmin with Seventh Generation TP…”) Yes, toilet paper. The kind that is from partially recycled paper and hasn’t been bleached with chlorine.

Next on the list? Dishwasher detergent – in this case, Biokleen automatic dishwasher soap. Which seems to work pretty well by using about 1/4 of what I’d use with Cascade.

Last night, Jeff ran out to get some things, including dish soap. I didn’t say anything to him about getting an environmentally friendly brand, though I’d mentioned that very thing a few days ago. Lo and behold, he comes home with Seventh Generation free and clear dish soap. I’m very proud of him for helping me in my quest to become environmentally friendly.

Today, I ended up at Food Fantasies on my lunch hour getting fabric softener – Ecover’s fabric softener, which smells almost like Downy April fresh, though a bit softer.

So what’s the point with all these changes? You’d get the same results using the regular stuff right? True, but products like Cascade and Dawn use petroleum as their base, and petroleum isn’t a renewable resource. It’s also not very environmentally friendly, and when you use those, they get into the water supply. Companies like Seventh Generation, Ecover, and biokleen use vegetable based cleaners in their products (coconut oil is a good base and is pretty widely used), which break down completely and don’t cause all that pollution. Most of the packaging is also made from recycled material, and they encourage you to recycle to the packaging as well.

My house isn’t any cleaner from making these changes, but I feel better about what I’m using when I get around to cleaning it. I encourage you to try some of these products as well. They cost a bit more than picking up the usual stuff at Walmart, but imagine what you’d be doing to help save the environment when you make the change. Stewardship isn’t always about the big things; mostly, it’s in the little things we do when we’re going about our lives, and it only requires a bit more thoughtfulness to be a better steward.


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One response to “Welcome Back!

  • Jeff

    True, our house isn’t any cleaner (it isn’t very clean to start with … we’ll blame that on Liam). But at least the crap we bring in from the outside will be incrementally cleaner when we do get around to cleaning. 🙂

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