Since I’ve mentioned it a couple of times, here’s the story: I’m starting a Master’s degree in a couple of weeks.

This is prompted by a job I’m starting at the same time, and since the job is actually an internship through the school, not only do I get paid, I get graduate credit. Since I would have had to apply to the school to register for the classes (as a non-degree seeking student), I decided to just bite the bullet and apply as a degree seeking student.

If all goes as planned, my program will be a combination of Environmental Studies and Communications. This is really exciting and really scary, as I’m just waiting for my interest in environmental stuff to wane right about midway through the program ::snort:::. With any luck, it will be such a habit by then that I won’t have to worry about it.

I wanted to throw an element of Christian stewardship in there, but as I’m at a public university, that’s probably not going to happen. Though I’ve been encouraged to read in two separate places this past week that two ES profs at the school have used the word “stewardship” in connection to environmental studies. So I’m thinking it won’t be as much of a stretch as it could be.


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