I’m in Boston with my best friend right now, and as she’s on a business call for a bit, thought I’d check in here.

She and her husband are what I’d describe as crunch granola types, though I mean that as a compliment. Both are vegetarians (he’s vegan, she’s mostly vegan), they shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, and I’ve yet to find a second garbage can in the house (the first is in the bathroom, and it’s tiny). This has been a good experience for me, seeing how people who have been doing this for a long time really live. The recycling bins are full, the AC is turned off, and everything they buy is fair trade and was produced with as little impact to the environment as possible.

For me, this is something to strive for. I still toss out quite a bit which could be recycled, but I’m becoming more mindful about it. It’s not easy; as I told him last night, “I haven’t been doing this for as long as a lot of people.” I’ll be honest – I’m worried that this is just going to be another one of my phases, a thought which scares me because when I start school, part of my program is going to be environmental studies. I’m going to build an education around this, so I need it to be practical enough not only for a future job, but also as a way of life.


How does one create a need in others?

This is part of the conversation he and I had last night as I told him about the MA program. I don’t know how we create need. No, let me rephrase that – I DO know how we create need. One of the classes I took two years ago was about advertising, and in that we studied how commercials and ads create a need in people for a product. People have to be convinced that what they’re buying is going to keep them fed, clothed, sheltered, attractive, and in a relationship with others. All this need creation has created an American society of spoiled people, myself included, so how do you create a need in others which convinces them that a hybrid is better than that brand spanking new SUV? How do you convince people that it’s just as easy and convenient to throw a milk carton in the recycling bin as the garbage can? How do you convince people that they don’t need to eat as much (or any) meat?

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the basis of my MA program.

More later. We have to go watch Harry Potter now at the IMAX!!!


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