Water for Life

It doesn’t seem to matter that I’m on vacation, I wake up at 6:30 (or earlier) every morning. And it seems no matter how early I wake up, Liam’s wide awake and singing by the time I get to his room. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised: I was always the first one up when I was little. When we’d go to my cousin’s house for the weekends, I’d get so frustrated that I’d be up at 6 am and they’d want to sleep instead of play. So I’d play on the Atari for a few hours, ha.

I digress. Liam was up before me this morning again, and he likes to turn the tv on as soon as he hits the living room. So as I fixed his morning cup of water and juice, I hear someone with a Southern accent talk about giving money, and I’m thinking, “Ugh, what televangelist does he have on?” (It’s not the spreading the Gospel, it the “give us your money and God will answer your prayers!” that I resent) So as I go out to turn it off, I end up watching the last few minutes of the program.

As I don’t kow anything about this ministry, I can’t truly endorse it, but the Water for Life mission is a good idea. To summarize: viewers who feel so called send in as little as $25, which can help give clean water to a child for a “lifetime.” The company digs wells to water reservoirs below the soil, and voila! Fresh, clean, pure water without the aid of the water company.

This is a great idea, as some of the places they want to dig these wells wouldn’t have access to clean water otherwise. But it begs the question: what can we do to help them clean up the water they already have? Is there anything we can do to help? Clean water’s an environmental issue, but for people living in countries where clean water is a problem, they probably have political issues to deal with which keep them from getting clean water. Or they’re just so used to dealing with water filled with livestock and human waste, farming run-off, etc, that they don’t even think about what drinking and bathing in that water is doing to their health.

Yesterday I said the biggest issue for stewardship should be to love God and help people. I think programs like this are important to help people with an immediate need, and then when that need is fulfilled, we can help them make the necessary changes to clean and maintain their environment. In some ways, I think it might be easier to help people in poorer nations than it is to clean up our own country: they aren’t spoiled by consumerism and would be happy to make the necessary changes. So while I can’t completely endorse a program like Water for Life (simply because I don’t know anything about the ministry itself), if you know of something similar and can support it, please do. At the end of the program, the minister said, “It’s good to pray, but it’s also good to be an answer to prayer.” I can’t agree more.


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