Ah, vacation!

In a little over forty-eight hours, I’ll be getting on a plane to Boston. My best friend Holly lives there, and it’ll be my first trip there – my first trip to New England, actually. I’ve been trying NOT to think about it since she told me she’d bought my tickets (in a HUGE fit of generousity, she bought the tickets as a birthday and Christmas present – I just can’t even begin to thank her properly!) because I get so darn excited I can’t stand it. Well, now that it’s just two days away, I’m allowing myself to get more excited because there are about 100 things I need to do between now and then – keeping busy will make it go that much more quickly.

The other thing I’ve tried not to think about is the flight itself. No, I’m not afraid – I LOVE flying. However, air travel is a huge detriment to the environment; it’s not exactly earth-friendly. I could drive, I suppose, but driving that far is just as bad, unless one is driving a hybrid (which I don’t have) or an electric/battery operated car. The only eco-friendly options are walking or riding a horse, LOL. As I don’t own a horse, and walking is too time intensive, that leaves the fossil fuel chugging options.

I should tell you that the last time I flew was about five years ago to see a group of friends in Atlanta. Before that, it was a trip to San Diego four years previous. So in the past nine years, I’ve flown twice – our governor does that in one week. Part of me thinks that I should still feel badly about not traveling in a better way, but the other part of me, the part that hasn’t seen my best friend in two years, is telling me that most times, people are more important.

I think, in my mind, that’s what stewardship really comes down to: not the things you do, but why you do them. Throughout the Bible, we see people give things back to God, but we also see the attitude with which they gave. Was Cain’s offering so bad? In itself, probably not, but it probably wasn’t what God wanted from him either. Jesus watched people file in and out of the temple to leave their tithes, and he told his disciples, seeing the widow give her small amount, that it was the greatest offering given that day. It certainly wasn’t the biggest amount of money, but she gave all she had and she did it with a humble attittude. Jesus told his disciples to take care of the poor, the orphaned, and the widows. The thing with all these is the right attitude, but also for the benefit of the people.

Doing all the right things for the environment is a good thing, but the best reason to do them is to love God and love your neighbor. Perhaps my flight to Boston isn’t the best option for stewardship, but it’s the best way to get me to someone I love. I’m not trying to justify my actions, but I think if one is doing other things to help the environment, the occasional flight isn’t going to hurt anything too badly.

Jeff’s also traveling this week, so if you could keep all three of us (Liam and I are going to my parents’ tomorrow, as Liam’s staying with them while his ‘rents are gone) plus my mom in your prayers for safe travel, I’d appreciate it.


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