A few days ago, I went to the Graduate Creative Writer-in-Residence’s public reading at UIS. I only start this post out this way to say that the person in charge of the W-i-R program there, Joanna, is a former professor of mine, and she hadn’t seen me since last June. I’ve changed a bit since then and she said, “You look great!” After thanking her, I said, “Yeah, I’ve been going through a kind of metamorphosis the past few months.”

Talk of wings and pupa aside, it’s the truth. What started out as just thinking about the environment for me has become almost a personal revolution. First thing I did? Became a vegetarian. I’ll still eat some fish (I LOVE sushi) because it makes it easier on the omnivorous husband. After several months of this, I’ve become a reduce-reuse-recycle novice. I’ve picked up recycling bins from our trash place and joined recycling groups on the internet. I’ve become more aware of how what I do affects not only the environment, but other people.

This isn’t a “yeah, I’m great” post. This is more to say that you can get started thinking about the enviroment at any stage of life, no matter what you’ve done in the past. And you certainly don’t need to go all out and become a vegan who uses all natural cleaners and gets rid of the car overnight. But if you’re concerned about being a good steward of the earth, then change something which will help change the earth.

Even if it means giving up a few hamburgers and eating a few more beans.


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